Son of a Taylor
1 min readSep 25, 2020

Cool it down. I am conservative, but I see the damage that Trump is doing to our beloved country. It makes me sad. I implore my conservative friends to break the hold Trump has on them — he’s not your savior. He feeds on the near worship of his closest supporters and revels in chaos. Whatever “good” he’s done is for his own selfish reasons and we’ve been guilty of overlooking his scary demagogue behavior due to his advancement of our cause.

To my democratic, left and socialist friends: Right or wrong, all the mayhem and vitriol just feeds Trump’s fear/hate cycle. Right or wrong, you are scaring people that have conservative values. Just as you fear the “fascism” of the right (and it sure looks that way lately), conservatives fear the “marxism” expressed by the left. History has shown both extremes to be appallingly destructive. Moreover, in the 20th century, each side used fear and disgust of the other as justification for killing and imprisoning millions. (I’m not interested in debating why nazis or bolsheviks were worse than the other— a reasonable person knows they both were incredibly evil)

We are Americans and can work this out. I believe Biden can bring stability and healing — please don’t disdain his centrist leanings. Be patient — change will come.

If we continue to demonize each other, fear and hate will only grow. Have rational, calm discussions. Be honest and strong in your beliefs, but be kind.

Cool it down — we can be so much better.